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Need help with finding a BLUMBERG/MICHELSON family. 1 messages By 19scohen@... ·
Seeking descendants of Masya Ginda Rakovschik from Minsk Belarus 1 messages By fjs@... ·
Liffmann, Leiffmann 3 messages By N. ARONSON ·
Vital Records for Mariyampil in the Ivano-Frankivsk District from 1857 to 1920 3 messages By Sharon Taylor ·
Jewish Religious Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854 3 messages By Bernard Aronson ·
Nograd - Ludany, birth records KLEIN in 1880s 6 messages By emmabcole@... ·
Friends of Jewish Cemetery Restoration in Eastern Europe Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Meeting 1 messages By Jeff Miller ·
Cracking a brick wall - Hershkowitz in Bucharest in the early 20th century - 2 messages By Sherri Bobish ·
Jews in Mohacs 2 messages By JPmiaou@... ·
Searching records in New Haven, Connecticut 7 messages By ms nodrog ·
Danzig Meeting August 12 at IAJGS Virtual Conference 1 messages By Logan Kleinwaks ·
Seeking descendants of Masya Ginda Rakovschik from Minsk Belarus 1 messages By Gerald and Margaret ·
searching SMITH (SCHMIDT) /FRANK families of Milwaukee from Lithuania 4 messages By Eileen Kessner ·
Motel Turkanis 2 messages By Corinna Woehrl ·
Ancestry Introduces its AncestryHealth powered by Next Generation Sequencing 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Viewmate Translation Request - Polish - Surname Schwarz 1 messages By Harry Moatz ·
New Holocaust Database Set - Polish Jews Found in Hungary (April 18th 1946) 1 messages By Nolan Altman ·
Formal name for the nickname, SHIL 3 messages By Dubin, David M. MD ·
Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe 27 messages By David Oseas ·
Yiddish Translation VM 83543 Request 1 messages By loren greenberg ·
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