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Who buried the deceased after Liberation in the Netherlands 5 messages By Carole Shaw ·
Reference to "Schleichera Filipa" Lviv Cemetery Records 1941-1942 2 messages By Igor Holyboroda ·
Forced Laborers From Central and Eastern Europe For Nazi Germany Online Database 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Spanish Diplomat Angel Sanz Briz Recognized for Saving 5,000 Jews From Nazi Persecution 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
finding Yosef BARMATZ 2 messages By aryeh.lopiansky@... ·
#belarus #hungary #holocaust 4 messages By Judith Shamian ·
Orsan Belarus Camp 189 1 messages By fjs@... ·
List of Shoah Victims from Pochep, Russia 1 messages By Beth Galleto ·
Arolsen Archives search available online!! 3 messages By R. Reuven K. Koffler ·
Sarah Sarolea Léa APTECKAR - in Odessa 1 messages By Lemberski Evelyne ·
A question about tattoos and Auschwitz 8 messages By jbonline1111@... ·
Warsaw pre-1939 districts: Orla str. and Kr 6 messages By hadassahlipsius ·
US Supreme Court to Hear Case involving German Jewish Art Dealers Whose Ancestors Forced to Sell religious Art to Nazis; French Court Rules Painting Looted During Holocaust Belongs to Jewish Collector 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Searching for my great aunt Rakel GOLUB b.1884 Minsk 5 messages By Molly Staub ·
Known Family Killed in the Holocaust/KACHKA/BORENSTEIN 1 messages By Lowell Nigoff ·
Event: The Poetry and Fate of Matilda Olkinaite: A Diary of Jewish Culture in Lithuania 1 messages By peggyfreedman@... ·
Looking for Polish woman who jumped off train to Auschwitz 10 messages By Erica Fox Zabusky ·
Date of document of Lvov Ghetto database ID 20775.Fritz Heim and Anna Schiffmuller Heim 1 messages By dhudson000@... ·
Dutch National Rail Offers $5.6 million (USD) for Holocaust -Era Transport of Jewish Victims 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Portugal Recognizes Consul who Saved thousands From Holocaust 5 messages By Jean-Pierre Stroweis ·
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