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An Article About Jews Saved During the Holocaust by Polish Diplomats In Switzerland 2 messages By Bernard FLAM ·
ViewMate translation request - Polish 1 messages By Tammy ·
German Chancellor Merkel Pledged $66 Million (60 million Euros) to Auschwitz Museum 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Deportations from France 10 messages By Bernard FLAM ·
World War ll Victims and Jewish Monument #Holocaust #Netherlands #Archives #World War ll 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Arolsen Records Adds Ten Million Names from over 850,000 Records to Their Online Database #Holocaust # Archives 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Article on Jewish Life in Prewar Rhodes--Memories of Stella Levi Age 96 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Lithuanian gravestones 1 messages By Rabbi Ben-Zion Saydman ·
Bad Arolsen Archives 7 messages By Odeda Zlotnick ·
Searching for Rauch, Todt and Ropschitz 1 messages By YBentham ·
Translation from handwritten Cyrillic 1 messages By Linda Kelley ·
Jewish-related Research Materials at Oxford University in England 1 messages By N. Summers ·
Help needed to recognise this Ferramonti couple please 1943 e 1 messages By YBentham ·
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