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finding Yosef BARMATZ 2 messages By aryeh.lopiansky@... ·
SCHREIBER and BLEYER descendants in Israel 1 messages By tompa@... ·
Records? Ancestor moved from Boston to Tel Aviv in 1920s. 6 messages By Susan&David ·
Seeking "Malkiel Glasser" 1 messages By Shel ·
Looking for Julia YAGUROV in Israel 1 messages By Felissa Lashley ·
Photograph of grave of Rav Yidele Horowitz of Stutchin 2 messages By dm11204@... ·
Reply to rhonda.post@...descendants of Mates KONIGSBERG, Sara VOGEL, Sara VISMAN 1 messages By Baker Rosalie ·
Looking for descendants of Mates KONIGSBERG, KEHGSBERG, Sara VOGEL, Sara VISMAN 2 messages By rhonda.post@... ·
Looking for NEWMAN & SHEARRING (UK) and COHEN (Israel) 1 messages By Daniel Gleek ·
Gideon Gerhart and Hanna LASER, Berlin to Palestine 1940 1 messages By George Fogelson ·
from Grodno, Poland/Belarus to Palestine and back 2 messages By Rose Feldman ·
Hirschenbaum family of Beit Shemesh, Ashdod and Staten Island. 1 messages By Neil Rosenstein ·
Rabbis Mantel and family: Herman, Hugo, Louis in Far Rockaway, New York and Jerusalem 1 messages By emmabcole@... ·
Herbert (Naphtali) BACHARACH of Mansbach (Hessen) and Kiryat Bialik (Israel) 1 messages By Ralph Baer ·
Survivors to Israel 5 messages By llevangta@... ·
Looking for Advice and Guidance in Kfar Chassidim, Israel. 2 messages By shamue@... ·
Rabbi Yisrael of Ostrov- 19th century 1 messages By Yonatan Ben-Ari ·
SCHLESINGER in Switzerland and Israel 1 messages By Werner Hirsch ·
Looking for descendants of Klara Kramer SORKIN, probably in Israel 1 messages By Joseph Walder ·
Upcoming IGRA programming: 1 messages By Garri Regev ·
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