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Looking for Advice and Guidance in Kfar Chassidim, Israel. 2 messages By shamue@... ·
Rabbi Yisrael of Ostrov- 19th century 1 messages By Yonatan Ben-Ari ·
SCHLESINGER in Switzerland and Israel 1 messages By Werner Hirsch ·
Looking for descendants of Klara Kramer SORKIN, probably in Israel 1 messages By Joseph Walder ·
Upcoming IGRA programming: 1 messages By Garri Regev ·
Are there lists of deceased of the Spanish flu in Jerusalem? 1 messages By Yonatan Ben-Ari ·
looking for cousins HARFENES HARFENS in Israel, Romania and Brazil 1 messages By Jake Jacobs ·
Seeking Arie GINZBURG of GADIA family 1 messages By Susan Goldsmith ·
Recherche généalogique sur Samson BROCKMAN/RAJSWING 1 messages By @rajswing ·
Survivors to Israel 4 messages By Rose Feldman ·
Emigration to Palestine 2 messages By Glazer Family ·
Mandate Palestine ship records (1920-1948) - images 1 messages By Michael Moritz ·
Immigrants to Palestine 1927 onwards 5 messages By Kalman Appel ·
New Databases on IGRA’s Website 1 messages By Elena Bazes ·
How Rachel Sir (Zoltak) does is my father cousin? 1 messages By JOSEPH GODELNIK ·
Searching for the children of my cousin Shmuel STEINER 1 messages By Norbert Steiner ·
KANTOR descendants of Reb. Chaim of Volozhin 1 messages By Yonatan Ben-Ari ·
Feige GLASS-Tel-Aviv -early 20th cent. 1 messages By Yonatan Ben-Ari ·
Seeking Relatives of Mark Yosifovich GEKBLIT 1 messages By Renée K. Carl ·
Israel Death Index - Anschel and Ida Katz 2 messages By Dahn Cukier ·
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