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Jewish Dressmakers in Barcelona 2 messages By Deborah Hirshfield ·
Galicianers in Cairo, Egypt in 1862 By Abuwasta Abuwasta ·
The Karaite Section of the Bassatine Cemetery in Cairo Was Restored By Abuwasta Abuwasta ·
Free Sunday meeting: Cohen de Azevedo - Tracing a Sephardic Family 2 messages By Tina Isaacs ·
Kastoria synagogue and Sephardic community in Brooklyn 5 messages By ahcbfc@... ·
Who was Dr. H PERETZ From Cairo 2 messages By Sherri Bobish ·
Grave Pictures: Beirut Jewish Cemetery 2 messages By Myra Fournier ·
Nagi Georges Zeidan Died Yesterday in Beirut 2 messages By Rose Feldman ·
Trying to Find the Relatives of Yaaqub Moshe Sayegh From Baghdad 2 messages By rosibal ·
This Sunday: Q&A with Senior Archivist at the Amsterdam City Archives By contact@... ·
Sunday meeting - A Trip to the Dutch Wild Coast: A 1658 Sephardic Expedition By contact@... ·
British Military Rabbi in Alexandria Egypt WW2 5 messages By Michael Hoffman ·
The Crypto-Judaism Movement: Are Bnei Anusim an Ashkenazi fantasy? 2 messages By YaleZuss@... ·
Jewish-italian origin of the surname Zebedeo? 3 messages By Dan Nussbaum ·
MENDELEJIS from Ukraine ABRAHAM from Hungary By Jorge Abraham ·
Sephardic family Italy 4 messages By Paul Beek ·
Genealogy course offered by IGS to Israelis abroad By Lea Haber Gedalia ·
Henriques family Y-DNA By aaran1286@... ·
Jammal Family from Aleppo, Syria in the 19th Century 3 messages By eavinezer@... ·
Expelled from Spain-Megourché Séfarad-Hungary By Caty Zyzek ·
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