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Does Sephardi Congregation "Escaba" = Misheberach? 1 messages By Ellen Shindelman Kowitt ·
Translation Request -- Hebrew with possibly Rashi (Sephardic) Script 2 messages By Kalman Appel ·
IGRA Adds Significant Sephardic Collection to its Database 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Sephardic Databaseson IGRA’s Website 1 messages By Elena Bazes ·
Searching Serrero families from Salonica 1 messages By Rosine Nussenblatt ·
Family tree data and Information in Istanbul, Turkey 2 messages By Metin Delevi ·
Sephardic Names; Follow-up to Dr. Sack's program on Jewish Names 3 messages By ahcbfc@... ·
Portuguese Legislators Step Back from Attempt to Severely Limit Applications for Citizenship From Sephardic Jews Descendants 6 messages By Sarina Roffe ·
greek jews 10 messages By Ina Getzoff ·
Settlements in Curaçao and St. Thomas 10 messages By YaleZuss@... ·
Help with finding details on family from Alexandria, Egypt 3 messages By jeffrey.lane@... ·
Jewish cemeteries in Turkey digitized 1 messages By Jeff at SG ·
Launch of Online Resource of Jewish Cemeteries in Turkey With Over 61,000 Gravestones 2 messages By jewishgen@... ·
House of Glass French/Polish family and Picasso 1 messages By Jill Whitehead ·
Consolidated Index of Jewish Surnames in Damascus in the 20th Century 1 messages By Abuwasta Abuwasta ·
Seeking Moritz and Louise KREMER Cairo circa 1910 2 messages By Jeff at SG ·
Seek history of "ATYI" or ATWI from Zaragosa Spain 1 messages By Dodi ·
Dov Cohen's list if Izmir brides and grooms 1 messages By Jeff at SG ·
Did my husband's family from Galicia have Sephardic roots? 3 messages By Alexander Sharon ·
My Heritage New Collections on Greek Records 1 messages By Jan Meisels Allen ·
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