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I am endeavouring to try to ascertain what happened to my family who lived in Panevezys, Lithuania at the start of World War ll.
My grandfather’s name was Itsyk Leyb Birger and my grandmother’s maiden name was Gold Elka Gofman.
They had 4 children Muscia (married name Kliackiene),Nathan Birger, Sara Birger and Israel Birger (my father) who emigrated to
South Africa in the 1920’s.
Despite making extensive enquiries through Yad Vashem and the International Red Cross, I have been unable to find any information.
If anyone can assist me with any information. It would be greatly appreciated.

Gordon Berger

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Eli Rabinowitz

Please email me and I will try to help.

Also check out the KehilaLink at




Have you tried reaching out to the Panevezys Jewish Community?
In 2011 I traveled to Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Moscow and we went to the school that now houses the Panevezys Jewish archives. You could try there.
Linda D. Epstein
searching: Tikotzinski--> Epstein; Safian; Grossman; Weinstein

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