Finding relatives #Hungary


Can anyone tell me how to find relatives in Hungary? I am trying to find either Taub's or Bihari.
Thank you.

Ron Hoenig

I have lots of Bihari relatives in Australia. They  descend from  Marton Beckmann.(B.1899), who married my great aunt Rosalia Honig and changed his name to Bihari or Bihary (not sure when). Tibor Bihary was the paterfamilias (1914-1971). His descendants live mainly in Melbourne in Victoria.

Is that a help?

Ron Hoenig


Vivian Kahn

JewishGen has a very large database of records from pre-Trianon Hungary. To start researching your relatives, add your names with the places where they lived to the JewishGen Family Finder. If your relatives lived in Hungary before the end of WWI, very likely that the places are now in Slovakia, Romania, or Ukraine, and not within borders of presentday Hungary. (Hungary lost 2/3 of its former territory at the end of WWI). Send your inquiry to the Hungarian discussion list with additional information given names, dates, and places.  Identify sources you have already consulted.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

Ron Hoenig

Vivian’s advice is very good. You might also be interested to know that ppl chose the name Bihari because it sounded less Jewish that many surnames (eg Beckmann) and refers to the county Hajdu-Bihar in Hungary in which lived or were born