Suggestion regarding Family Finder

Sarah L Meyer

I have my own website - and it will be around as long as I am, but I have changed hosts and the name.  As I look at TuviabenAvrahamAharonvSimaRivka I still don't have a complete URL, as I don't know whether it is .org,.com. .net and it is also long and complex with those capital letters - and likely to be misspelled.
Why not just add the possibility of a real link here, something that could be done once and would apply to all your entries.  Yes I should put an updated Gedcom on FTJP, but be aware that people still try to contact you for information- so this would not help them after you have passed away.  BTW my current site is


How to list this in the Family Finder? Sneak a shortened url into the contact info? It's indeed very frustrating to not be able to add e.g. info to anywhere on JG...

Madeleine Sann

As I get older and my genealogy buddies have begun to be listed as deceased in the Family Finder, I think it would be wonderful if researchers could list in the Family Finder where they’ve uploaded copies of their family trees (including JewishGen of course). There should be generous room to do this as there are so many sites where people post their trees. That way, learning that a researcher of a shared name is deceased would not be a closed door. 

Over the years two relatives have found me through the Family Finder. In one case, I had a vague, almost mythical, notion about my cousin’s ancestors - in the other, the Israeli born daughter of a Sann from Poland who was a Survivor found out that she had Sann relatives around the world. Until we connected through the Family Finder, she believed her family in Israel were unique in carrying the surname. Of course some people know where to look for trees but in my case JewishGen was key.

Madeleine Sann