Dear researchers for families from Kremenchug, Poltava, interested to know if anyone has discovered sources of name lists dated 1800+
After years of searching for my paternal grandparents origins , I need some “new clues”.
Simon Bernstein was born in 1870 to Israel Zvi and Cissie( surname unknown) in Kremenchug.
As far as I know I am the sole representative remaining of this family.
My grandfather arrived in Leeds UK married to Chana née Likhtmakher (Lightman) in 1890.


I have been trying to find any records for two of my families from Kremenchug or environs. 
My understanding is that the records were actually destroyed during the Second World
War. There is a story on JewishGen by a father and son's research trip to Kremenchug who report ed the above. 
If there is any information to the contrary I would be very happy to let you know via the JewishGen discussion group or to you directly. 
Pat Gilbert 
Researching: Asovich/Asowitch,  Skolnik/Skolnick- Kremenchug, Poltava 


Deanna Levinsky

Leeds has at least two Jewish cemeteries and much of the tombstones are photographed 
The Leeds Database
Good luck 
Deanna Levinsky 

Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Chuck Weinstein

No metrical records from Kremenchug are known to survive.  Records relating to the Shoah, and records relating to the Kahal, or Jewish community between the wars, reside in the Ukraine State Archives in Poltava.  There are also some records related to the pogroms between 1919 and 1924 found there, as well.  None of these records have been filmed or digitized, to our knowledge.  There are a few records in the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem that cover the years of 1870 and 1871 about the appointment of Rabbis and teachers to the state Hebrew community. 


There is no Town Leader for Kremenchug to organize a project to acquire the few available records and index them.  If you are interested, contact me directly.


Chuck Weinstein

Towns Director, Ukraine Research Division





This is probably way too early for your purposes, but Alex Krakovsky has scanned some Kremenchug records from 1836-37 and put them on Wikipedia, as part of his ongoing project of scanned Ukrainian Jewish records: Kremenchug records

Good luck!



Many years ago my Medical Doctor was a Dr Isaac S Fox whoe's wife was Gladys Lightman / Likhtmakher of Leeds, Yorkshire.
Dr Isaac Fox before he came to London had been the Lord Mayor of the City of Chester. Dr Fox's original family name was Faux and he was
born in Krakow, Poland. One of Dr Isaac S Fox and his wife Gladys sons lives in Toronto, Canada, there is some information on the JewishGen, 
Family Trees of the Jewish People, Family Name of Faux.    
The Lightman family manufactured furniture and was very well known in Leeds. 

Michael Hoffman