Sheldon Dan

I am researching my wife's family and would like some help on parts of the family tree.

My wife's grandmother, Nentzia (Anna) LOWENTHAL was the daughter of Solomon LOWENTHAL and Getel (Lena) BLIER.  She was born in 1886 in Brzesko, Poland, and died in 1947 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Her brother was Abraham LOWENTHAL, born in 1875 in Brzesko and died in 1964 in Queens, NY.  Her sister was Chaya LOWENTHAL, who married Moses STERN, son of Leon STERN.  Leon had six children and his brother Avroham had four children.

Chaya and Moses had seven children, whom we think were also born in Poland.  Solomon (Seymour), born in 1898, married Channa (Anna) TOVEL.  Harry, born in 1902 and died in 1974 in Spring Valley, NY, married Anna MILLER of Pennsylvania.  Sarah, born sometime after then, married Harry BAUM.  Leon, born in 1910 and died in 2003 in Spring Valley, married Sylvia MILLMAN.  Genya, born in 1911, married Saul GUTFRIEND, and they may have perished in 1944 in the Shoah.  Fred, born in 1915 and died in 1979 in Spring Valley, married Elsie COHEN.  Nathan (Nat), born in 1917 and died in 1972 in Spring Valley, married Roslyn SAMPSON.

While researching the Lowenthals, I became aware of another name, Ruth (Rita) TEWEL, daughter of Mates TEWEL and Hendla LOWENTHAL.  She was born in 1909 and lived in Pittsburgh.  She married Benjamin NEWBERG and had two daughters.  After Benjamin's death, she was married to Allen SWISS.  Later, she married Morris WEIGER.  She died in 2000 in Pittsburgh.  It occurs to me that she might be related to Anna Tovel Stern, but because her mother was a Lowenthal she might logically be related to Solomon Lowenthal.  I would like to find out more information about the Sterns in addition to the relationship of Rita Weiger to the rest of the family.  Please let me know if you have any information.

Sheldon Dan

sylvia vanderhoeft

Hi Dan,

I don’t know if this could be of any help to you but in the mid 1800’ there were a lot of STERN families in the Màd region (Hungary) most of them came from Poland. You can find them on Jewish Gen census 1869. Succes!



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Hopefully this will help someone:

My great grandmother was Ida Stern born 1866.  According to family oral history there were 9 children in the family - Ida, Max, Arthur, Emil, Rose,Ceza, Riaz, Hermine, Ilonka. (probably various versions of these names)

Ida Stern's father was a grain speculator, lost a lot of money and committed suicide.   I don't have a lot of info on her.    She married Joachim Schonmann, the Grandson of Rabbi Yehuda Assad, so I assume that she was from the area which is Slovakia now.

Carole Brewster

Hi Dan,
I'm sure somehow all Lowenthals are related.  My grandfather's sister married Jonasz Lowenthal, lived in Boryislaw and had 2 daughters together, Auda & Lotken. I haven't been able to find out any info about them since 1939. My Aunt was Feige Cirl Kreisberg Heimberg Lowenthal. Maybe you or someone else can put the pieces together.

Carole Hoffman Brewster
Delray Beach, FL