Looking for sample introductry presentation or tips

A. E. Jordan

Does anyone have a sample introduction to genealogy presentation or seen a good one they could share?

I have been asked by my local library to give a basic introduction to genealogy presentation.  The community is predominately Jewish but I will have to keep it non sectarian to some extent.  The organizers tried a presentation last year and they said it did not go over as well maybe because the person was too detailed.  The audience will be older and less computer savvy.

I have some ideas starting off with a basic discussion of why and what you can hope to find and then how to get started at the most basic levels and then a few next steps and examples.  Of course I will mention the JewishGen FAQ -- it is how I got started all those years ago.

If anyone has a presentation they want to share (please send privately) or some ideas/tips love to hear from this experienced audience.

Also thinking about how to describe and title the program to draw in the biggest audience.


Allan Jordan



You ask about a sample beginners presentation. Why not attend the one being given this Sunday, nearby to you (relatively), by the JGSLI, in PlainviewIt is called: Jewish Genealogy 101: Four Hours+ to Your Family Roots

See the attached flyer.

The location is
Mid-Island Y-JCC
45 Manetto Hill Road
Plainview, NY 

I am a member of several JGS's and had attended the workshop several years ago, for the same reason as you. I found it quite comprehensive. If you need a ride there contact me offline. 


Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY


I have given this type of talk and find it useful to start awith a couple of very short stories of my amazing family  ‘finds’. Storytelling is very effective and grabs people on a personal level. 
Carol Handschu Stern