Launch of Gesher Galicia's Przemysl Identification Project #Galicia

Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia is launching an extensive long-term project to
identify 573 Jewish record books of unknown origin housed in the
Przemysl State Archive in Poland. Involved are index books of vital
records (births, deaths, marriages), including a few index books of
unspecified type, as well as some sets of community records. While the
dates and most of the record types relating to each register are
known, there is no information about their geographic origin. Most of
the books, though, are presumed to be from towns in the former
Galicia. Identifying the town of origin of each book will undoubtedly
lead to interesting genealogical discoveries for Galician researchers.

These books are all subfiles of "File 69" - a set of unknown books -
of Fond 154 of the Przemysl State Archive. A list of these index books
can therefore be found in the "Inventories" section of the Gesher
Galicia website, within the section for "File 69" of Fond 154 of the
Przemysl archive, at: .

The project has been approved by the Polish State Archives, is being
managed by the project’s secretariat in Poland, and is being carried
out in cooperation with the Przemysl archive.

Gesher Galicia members now have an exclusive opportunity to
participate in the identification project, in this way advancing the
knowledge of the genealogical community. If you are not a member of
Gesher Galicia and wish to take part in the project, you are most
welcome to join, at: .

New identifications of these presently unknown books will be announced
publicly, at regular intervals, and the information shared with the
Przemysl State Archive.

Further public information can be found on the Gesher Galicia website at:
and, for Gesher Galicia members only, in a dedicated section of the
Members Portal.

Questions relating directly to this project should be sent to:
przemysl-id@... .
For all other inquiries on Gesher Galicia matters please contact:
info@... .

Please DO NOT REPLY directly to this SIG e-mail message.

- Piotr Gumola
Project Coordinator, Przemysl Identification Project

- Pawel Malinowski
Technical Manager, Przemysl Identification Project

- Tony Kahane
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to info@...
- or, for the Identification Project specifically, to: