New records added to LitvakSIG All-Lithuania Database

Russ Maurer

LitvakSIG is pleased to announce an update to the free, searchable, All-Lithuania Database. The new records include the 1942 census of ghettos in Golshany, Krevo, Oshmiany, Smorgon, Soly and Zhuprany, all in the Oshmiany district but including some individuals originating elsewhere (5145 lines). We also have city of Vilnius conscription lists from the period 1887-1916 (17,618 lines). There are revision lists from 1795 for Akmene and Uzventis in the Siauliai district, as well as 1834 revision lists and their supplements through 1849 for several towns in the Vilnius district - Bagaslaviskis, Ciobiskis, Gelvonai, Musninkai, Paberze and Sirvintos (2258 lines).

All of these records are searchable at They will appear in the search results under the "Revision List Database - part 2" category. Updates in the marriage, tax & voter, and passport categories are also in the works and will be the subject of a separate announcement when they are available.

As always, LitvakSIG is grateful to its donors and translators, without whom we could not make these records available. These records were available exclusively to our donors for about the past 18 months. To learn how to support LitvakSIG's work and gain priority access to new translations, visit our website,

Happy hunting!

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator