Paneveyzys. Lithuania.

Trying to find out what happened to my family who I think lived in Panevyzys , Lithuania at the start of WWII.
The family name was Bigeris or Birgeras or Birger. My  grandfather's name was Yitzchak Leib and my grandmother's
name was Golda Ella (Maiden name Gofman or Hoffman}.
They had 4 children Natan, Israel, Muscia and Sonia.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gordon Berger

Carol Hoffman

Gordon Shalom,

A quick search of the ALD (All Lithuania Database) of LitvakSIG will show your grandparent's marriage from1897 record. If you continue to search you will probably find more family members.

Happy surfing!

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv


I have maternal family connections to Panevyzes and understand that the town was literally wiped out with virtually no survivors. If anyone has more information I'd also be interested. 


You might also go to the the kehilalinks site for Panevezys on the JewishGen website to find out more about its history. It's at . This includes a detailed description of the massacre of the Jews of Panevezys in 1941.

Judith Singer

Carol Hoffman

Panevzys has an actuve Jewish community today - small but active. See their website in Lithuanian only (use a translator) There's a contact email address for their chair, Gennady Kofman.

When searching LitvakSIG for Panevezys, you will will find links to several articles. In addition the LitvakSIG Panevezys District Research Group is the key to records and more.

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv