Surnames: Palumbo - SIcily/ Homer - Poland



Hello Group!
I'm trying to find living relatives or historaical data on the names Palumbo and Homer.
Homer was my biological father's last name.
Palumbo is my great grandmother's name on paternal side.
Thanks in advance. 
May we all be successful in our family roots search!


I know many Palumbos in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area (USA)... but they're not Jewish.

Jill Whitehead


One of my mother's Wigram cousins of Sheffield UK married a Palumbo, and their descendant is a member of the Uk House of Lords - Lord Jamie Palumbo. I have never met him and he does not respond to family contacts as per a family reunion held in 2015 for my mother's mother's Guttenberg/Graham family. The Palumbos are not Jewish, as far as we know. The Palumbos are on my Ancestry family tree and can be viewed there.

Nardo Bonomi

Jews are attested in Sicily since the oldest times.
Jews were an high percentage of the population in Sicily before the expulsion of the year 1492.
After the persecution some Sicilian Jews ran away, some converted and some secretly practiced Judaism for generations (Anusim).
As you know the surname means dove and it is the equivalent to the Hebrew Jonah.
Some Palumbo who were surely Jews are attested in Sicily in the 16th century and were persecuted by the Inquisition because Judaizing after the expulsion .
They are attested in the towns of Nicosia  Palermo, Piazza  Armerina
Nardo Bonomi Braverman
Firenze – Italy
(Author of

Louis Zetler

My cousin's machatenister's maiden name was PALOMBO. She comes from Boltiere, Lombardia, Italy.

Diane De Milt

My sister in laws family were the Palumbos from Sicily. She was not a fan of Jewish people.  I lived in New York then.  After moving to Tucson and begnning my teaching career I was researching Sicily and discovered that the Palumbos of Sicily were a family of wealthy Jews and that the early settlers of Sicily were Jewish families.