Need help with: KOMINSKY, KULINSKY, KAY, BARTH, GERSON, PRELUTZKY in Illinois, USA #USA #Help #chicago


I am asking for your help in finding any contact or any more family information of families KOMINSKY, KULINSKY, KAY, BARTH, GERSON, PRELUTZKY,
probabaly from Illinois, USA.
This is a follow up to my enquiry from a few days ago " Looking for Lois KULINSKY in USA ".  
I have found out that, sadly, Lois died a couple of months ago.
Though Renne kindly sent me the attached obituary from 1989 of Lois's father Ben Kay which includes the above surnames and whom I wish to contact now.
There is a good chance that they are newly discovered cousins.

Thank you for your help

Melbourne Australia