Radomsk Chasidim In Sosnowiec

Derek Stavrou

Shalom to the Discussion Group
I have been researching my wife's TUCHSCHNEIDER and BRONSTEIN families in Sosnowiec, Poland for quite a while now.  The town was a centre for Radomsk Chasidut until its virtual annihilation during the Holocaust.
I believe  that Susan's great-grandfather Leib TUCHSCHNEIDER (1871-1942) may have been a Radomsk chasid, and I want to learn more about the movement's connection with Sosnowiec: addresses of their steiblach and synagogues, lists of rabbis, officials and congregants, and so on.  

Apparently there is a strong Radomsk presence in Bnei Brak today,  but I can't find a link to them. I will be visiting Sosnowiec later this month and would like to have some basic information about the movement's  history there before I leave.

With thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can give

Derek Stavrou
Kfar Sava, Israel