Difficult passage


Dear members -
Together with my coordinator and her able colleague, we three have been
engaged for about two years in incrementally translating the Dubno Memorial
We have not worked sequentially but according to the choices of my
I am now engaged in the chapter entitled "Excerpts from the Dubno Journal"
that commences on column 111 at:
In spite of considerable experience of more than twenty years, I find, after
the opening paragraphs by the author, I have come up against a style of
writing that I have been unable to translate suitably into English. I have
researched extensively, including assistance from a personal friend who is an
English-speaking Talmudic scholar, an extensive dictionary of acronyms and
I have also sought help from the National Library - all to no avail. There
appear to be many local acronyms and other references relating to the era
and locality depicted.
Is there a generous soul out there who would consider assisting us on a pro
bono basis?
Selwyn Rose,