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bob rubin <bob_rubin@...>


I will be travelling to Vienna the last week in March to explore
the city where my great grandfather was born. I was wondering if
people would reccommend what is worth seeing?



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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Bob Rubin wrote to us a follows: I will be travelling
to Vienna the last week in March to explore the city
where my great-grandfather was born. I was wondering
if people would recommend what is worth seeing?

Our moderator did say "please respond privately"
but I assume that this was directed at general
sightseeing, not the sites of genealogical interest.

For the benefit of newcomers to this SIG - I would
like to stress that this topic has been dealt with in
Summer 2004 [specifically August 2004] and there are a
number of very relevant postings which can be accessed
on the message archives.

I always access these via the "home page" of
Austria-Czech: [right at the end]. Select SIG
archives; then after your registration, choose
Austria-Czech and enter either the dates or key words,
which can include author's names and any other
possibilities you can think of.

Places to visit include
BMD records: the IKG, Seitenstettengasse [make an
Museums: Jewish Museum, Dorotheergasse;
Cemeteries: including Zentralfriedhof Gates 1 & IV,
Crematorium, Doblinger Friedhof;
Archives: including the Staatsarchiv,
Nottendorfergasse, the Wiener Stadt und Landesarchiv
at the Gasometer and the Adler Society;
Holocaust memorials - the Judenplatz.

See particularly: 2004 postings of 8, 10th, 13th &
25th August and 16 and 30th September. Planning trip
to Vienna & Czech Republic etc ...

Celia Male [UK]

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

re the discussion on Bob Rubin's proposed genealogical
research visit to Vienna - SIG member, Jo Feitler of
Chicago, alerted me to this useful website re Vienna
and genealogy and has suggested I post a message about
it. The site belongs to the Vienna Municipality:

Celia Male [UK]

David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

I would endorse all the advice given by Celia to Bob Rubin
particularly to make an appointment with Frau Weiss at the IKG.

Last year I had a 3 day stopover in Vienna on my way to the IAJGS
conference in Jerusalem and visited
- the IKG
- the Stadt- u. Landes- Archiv at the Gasometer
- the Zentralfriedhof (the main cemetery) at gates 1 and 4
- the Judische Museum in the Dorotheagasse and the museum in the
Judenplatz ( but did not do any research there).

Based on this limited experience I would add to Celia's comments:

i) send a set of your research objectives to the IKG and the Archiv
when making your appointments.
(an appointment for your first visit to the Archiv would also be advisable)
ii) the Archiv is closed for the month of July.
iii) research at the Archiv is only until 2:00pm (1400)
iv) the cemetery is HUGE. If you know anybody in Vienna get them to
guide/drive you inside the cemetery.
v) if you have some time wander around Leopoldstadt (the 2nd district)
where many Jews lived, and to which the Nazis herded Jews
from other districts of Vienna.

David Laufer
Sydney, Australia

E. Randol Schoenberg

In the context of this discussion, it does not seem supererogatory to say
that most of the mentioned information on genealogical sources in Vienna
is contained in the Beginner's Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy
on our website at

Randol Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

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