Vienna birth record: Mathilde LOWE #austria-czech

David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

In the View Mate file 6432, whose URL is given below is part of the birth record
of my grandmother Mathilde LO(umlaut)WE
I would be grateful for advice on the occupation of her father Robert.
Also, I would appreciate it if anyone can decipher her Hebrew name

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unless you consider general comments to the SIG are appropriate.

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Sydney NSW Australia

BRAUN - Vienna and Prostejov (Prossnitz)
LO(umlaut)WE Vienna and Gliwice (Gleiwitz, Prussia)
HASSAN - Vienna and Bucharest/Istanbul
ESKENASIE (various spellings) - Vienna and Bucharest/Istanbul
WANTOCH - Vienna and Prague
LAUFER - Vienna, Senica(Szenitz) Slovakia, and Opatow Poland

MTB <71431.1612@...>

Message text written by Celia Male
Obviously we do not want dozens of identical replies,
but once the moderator has found a consensus - I would
hope that at least two or three could be posted to the
SIG, thus benefiting us all. =

I have just come across a website which suggests we
all write our family history in normal typeface and
then convert it into Kurrent to perfect our reading
skills! I wonder if anyone has tried this download and
if works?

Celia Male [U.K.]

Dear friends,

On Celia's first topic, I agree that seeing a variety of postings on a
given issue such as occupations helps me to sort out in my own mind which
are the most plausible. If we don't have discussions on such an important
topic as ancestors' ways of life, then we end up with a bunch of names,
"signifying nothing," to quote C. S. Eliot. :-)

I think that David Laufer might have been referring specifically to
members' interpretations of ViewMate files. In that case, members
usually reply privately. I don't remember a JewishGen policy
on this matter.

Re: Celia's second topic, I have indeed downloaded a Kurrent type and
then typed the various names in my own family in this type face,
thereby gaining some facility in reading Kurrent files. Not sure if I
used this specific web site, since I did this activity in the late 1990s.
I also did this exercise with the Suetter font.

Maureen Tighe-Brown

David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

Firstly let me thank all those who did reply. A short summary of
those responses follows.

Mathilde's Hebrew name:
All responses to this question stated Malka which I accept.
I had not previously recognised the first letter as a mem.

Robert's occupation:
Several stated Buchhalter = accountant. One stated Bu(umlaut)chsen(macher).
= gunmaker.
The latter has some logic as on his death record Robert's occupation
is given as Metallgiessermeister = ironmonger or foundry owner.
Robert was born in Ober Glogau (now Glogowek, Poland) and raised in Gleiwitz,
Pr. Schlesien (now Gliwice, Poland) which is in the coal mining area
near Katowice. He could have learnt the foundry skills there before
moving to Vienna. Making guns would be a possible product for someone
with a metal foundry. According to my little Langenscheidt
dictionary one translation of Bu(umlaut)chse is rifle.


David Laufer
Sydney, Australia