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Ariane Mil

Dear Genners

I would like to introduce myself. I am a new member
and I saw Celia's SOS this morning about deleting a
spam mail. She was correct - I did reply privately to
her mail called The Five *Familiantin* of Tabor Stadt,
1793! I hoped she might be able to help me answer some
of these questions. However Celia suggested I also
post them to the whole SIG - so here is my first

I found the article on the Familantin of Tabor very interesting.
I myself am a born GUTTMANN living in Switzerland.
In July, I was in Prague, where I found in the archives
[register books of birth) information about both my gtgt-grandparents.

My GUTTMANNs moved to Prague in June 1894, where some
of their children were born. Before moving to Prague,
my gt-grandparents lived in Nowy Sacz (Neu-Sandez) and
Wishnitz (Wisnicz).

What I would like to know is:

1. Are the Tabor GUTTMANN families related to mine?

2. How are Tabor - Nowy Sacz - Wisnitz (Visnice)
connected to each other?

3. Are the GUTTMANN families in this area related to
each other?

4. When and why did they leave this area for Prague?

5. During WWI und WWII many Jews left for Vienna,
Amsterdam and other European countries and then to
the US. Are there any sources to trace back these
different migrations in order to find living family

6. Here is an insight into our GUTTMANN tree:

Moses (Moritz) GUTTMANN (ca.1830 - ca. 1896) married
Broche Stiel (? - ca. 1909) (living in Wisnicz)

son: Simon (Simmel) GUTTMANN (born in Wisnicz
01.12.1856 - Prag, 24.02.1937) married
Jetty BUCHSBAUM (Nowy Sacz = N.S. 12.11.1858 -
Terezin 29.09.1942) married 24.05.1878 Prague.

2. Son, name not known, who had a son with name
Julius (or Isi) GUTTMANN who was an opera singer at
the German Opera in Prague, died in London after WWII.

Children of Simon and Jetty GUTTMANN-BUCHSBAUM:

Nathan Guttmann (N.S. 28.11.1881 - Auschwitz Dec.
1942) - he was a rabbi in Paciv.

Heinrich (Chaim) GUTTMANN (N.S. 25.05.1888 -
Basel/Switzerland 09.02.1947) [my grandfather]

Max GUTTMANN (Prague 17.03.1897 - Prag 26.09.1955) He
was a chasan

Leopold GUTTMANN (Prague 25.04.1898 -
London after WWII)

Gustav GUTTMANN (Prague 18.06.1900 - New York Aug.
1971) [changed his name to GODWIN]

Olga GUTTMANN (Prague 11.04.1904 - Lengnau Switzerland

son of Heinrich (Chaim)

Max GUTTMANN (Basel 1916)

myself (daughter of Max GUTTMANN)
Ariane GUTTMANN married Richard Mil

7. Are there copies of the Familianten books to find
out if the above names of my GUTTMANN are listed?

I hope someone can help me find out more about my

Ariane Mil. Zurich, Switzerland

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

When I first wrote the posting: "The Five *Familiantin* of Tabor Stadt,
1793", I was wondering about the term *Familiantin*. Was it unique to Tabor
and to this particular indexing in the census? I still have not had a reply
from any of our experts in this area.
I do know however that these five *Familiantin*, who were born about 250
years ago, are very, very special as they have opened an Aladdin's cave
of genealogical treasures and links. That is perhaps what they were for -
namely to lead us, on Austria-Czech in July 2005, to many exciting new
areas of research!

We have Alice GUTTMANN and her family written about so movingly by Maud
Beer, Joseph GUTTMANN the journalist and ex left-winger, described by
Hanus Grab, Karel Fous and Uri Meretz and now Ariane Mil's GUTTMANN family
from Wishnitz/Vivnice and Neu Sandez/Nowy Sacz who ended up in Prague
and Zurich.

As I originally wrote, Tabor was choc-a-bloc with GUTTMANNs and as I cannot
read the lengthy, detailed Czech article in Hugo Gold's "The Jews and
Jewish communities of Bohemia", [Die Juden und Judengemeinden Bohmens,
Brunn 1934] I cannot tell you much more about their early history.
Hopefully that will come later.

I was wondering for a while now "where have all the Tabor GUTTMANNs gone?".

GUTTMANN is of course a very common name all over Central Europe,
including Germany, Austria, Poland, Silesia and Galicia. In Bohemia in
1793 the name predominates in Tabor - surprisingly there are only 6-7
GUTTMANN families in the rest of Bohemia [Prague has not been checked
yet]. I cannot check Moravia.

I know >from my own family tree that in the mid 1800s there were approx
30 BIACH family members related to me in Pressburg and Vienna and now
there is not a single one with that name. There are hundreds of descendants
with different names, but sadly not one BIACH. This can happen, if there
are many daughters in a large family. We had 11 daughters out of 14
children in one generation! In our BIACH family, holocaust deaths played
only a small part in the the disappearance of the BIACH family name:
Philip BIACH [8 Nov 1867, Vienna - 25 August 1942, Theresienstadt] and
his wife Flora nee SCHIFFMANN# [12 June 1877, Vienna - Oct 13 1942,
Theresienstadt]. They had no children. For Flora's work on early theatrical
and opera design see:

I am beginning to think that this is what happened to the Tabor GUTTMANNs.
Surely, such a large family with so many links, would be represented on

There are 24 entries in the Jewishgen family finder {JGFF} for Tabor but
not one GUTTMANN. There are no references in the message archives. They
are luckily not listed on Yad Vashem under GUTTMANN Tabor [except for our
tragic teenager, Alice]. They are not listed on Austria's Doew and "Letter
to the Stars" website. Had they perhaps emigrated to the USA and other
places? The famous coal barons - the wealthy GUTMANN family in Vienna -
were >from Leipnik, Moravia and before that [1733] Kolin and Prague. Or did
our Tabor GUTTMANNs have so many daughters that they just disappeared as
a family name?

I have carried out an an experiment:
On Yad Vashem, I entered GUTTMANN as a maiden name and Tabor as a place of
birth in an *advanced search* and found five descendants with links [mainly
in Hebrew] to explore! If you enter Tabor in any other slot, you find
nothing. Here they are:
1. FRISCH Helena; >from Vienna died aged 81, [born 1858?]; testimony given
by her daughter Elizabeta FABRITZKI in Israel in ?. Elizabeta must have
died by now. I suspect this is Helena's family grave in Vienna:
ZF IV. TOR 6 23 78
FRISCH Helene age 80 died 22.12.1938
FRISCH Emanuel age 64 died 03.12.1925
FRISCH Walter age 69 died 16.10.1964

2. EISLER Kamilla; Brunn/Brno, Moravia dob 1866
Daughter of Michael and Elisabeth - she takes us nearly back to the 1793
census, where we have a Michael! Married to Leo EISLER - submitted by her
son Henry in North London in 1978, who must by then already have been in
his 80s. [I have corrected the entry which listed him as a daughter].

3. BOCK Ida; dob 24 12 1880 living in Brunn/Brno, Moravia. Testimony given
by her son, Armin BOCK in Israel.

4. FUERTHOVA Klara; >from Susice, Bohemia dob 1867. Testimony given by her
granddaughter Miriam KRAUS in Israel.

5. STEIN Hanka; husband Otto of Prague. dob 24 10 1907 testimony given by
her nephew in Israel - Josef STEIN.

So if anyone is actively involved in this area - it should be possible to
create a fairly good tree with various sources of information. The GUTTMANN
family of Tabor lives on hopefully UK, Israel and ? under the names of

I am sure they are all related but they probably do not know of each others
existence nor of the now famous *Five Familiantin of Tabor in 1793*, who
brought them together in this posting. It would be great if our Israeli and
other Siggers who know any of these descendants could alert them to these

Celia Male [U.K]

1. # Flora BIACH's parents were Emanuel SCHIFFMANN {Vienna Aug 23 1833 -
Dec 22 1899} and Louise KANTOR {Vienna, Jan 22 1855 - Feb 22 1925]. I am
looking for links.

2. For the benefit of our many new members [Thank you Sharla for telling
us that we now have about 630 members], URLs quoted in this posting are
Yad vashem:
Letter to the Stars:

Zentralfriedhof, Vienna database [other Jewish cemeteries in Austria
included]: German and English versions

There are many references on how to use these databases in our message
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