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elisabeth segal <darla1504@...>

I want to express my grateful thanks to Celia for all her kindness and hard
work, on my behalf. It has been very much appreciated. At last I now know
where my father's family lived in the East End.

May I now ask, please can anyone please tell me what happened to the
synagogue in Salzburg. Was it destroyed on Crystal Night, was it ever
rebuilt? Does anyone know?

kindest regards and best wishes to you all
Elisabeth Segal
Essex, England

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Elisabeth Segal asks us about the fate of the synagogue in Salzburg.
First, thank you very much Elisabeth for your kind words about my research.

re the Salzburg synagogue; Read this chilling account:

Evan Burr Bukey. Hitler's Austria: Popular Sentiment in the Nazi Era
1938-1945. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press,
2000. xvi + 320 pp. Tables, maps, bibliography and index. $39.95 (cloth),
ISBN 0-8078-2516-6.

.. a prelude to what would occur in Vienna and in Austria's provincial
cities during the Krystallnacht. ... November 9-10, a nightmare period not
easily matched in previous European history, include 267 synagogues
destroyed, 7500 businesses and homes devastated, 91 Jews murdered, and
26,000 Jews rounded up. True, "Outside [Vienna] so little Jewish property
remained to pillage or expropriate that the pogrom was limited by the
success of previous purges,"(p.144).

and in German here:

The Salzburg synagogue was destroyed and the cemetery was desecrated. The
"Gotteshaus" had to be sold to the Salzburg Police at a knockdown price of
20,000 Reichsmark. The money of course disappeared >from the bank account.

In 1968 the synagogue was reopened. You can also see pictures of the
original, the destroyed and both the exterior and interior of the restored

And you can read here:

that today, Salzburgā€™s Jewish Community consists of ca 100 people. The
synagogue at Lasserstrasse 8 is still the religious centre. Services are
held on all holidays as well as Friday nights and Saturday mornings:

Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Salzburg
Lasserstrasse 8
tel. 43/662/87 22 28

Celia Male [U.K.]