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Hanus Peter GRAB is searching for descendants of Maximilian GRAB and his
brothers Victor and Rudolf, all sons of Friedrich and Karoline/Katharina

According to his best information, in 1907 Maximilian was living at 38 East
21st Street in NYC, the address Rudolf gave when he arrived at Ellis Island.

But are they the right Max and Rudolf GRAB?

I did a search on the International Genealogical Index
for all Maximilian GRAB entries in the United States, and found two

On 5 Dec 1895, Maximilian GRAB, born in Austria, the son of Frederich and
Katherine JAKE, married Helen McCoy in **Grand Rapids, Kent County,

On 29 April 1906, Maximilian GRAB, born in Wuerttemberg, son of Gebhard and
Attilia MOOSBRUGGER, married Anna VOLKI in Manhattan, New York County, New

So, I wonder whether Hanus should be looking for his GRAB family in
Michigan, rather than New York City. It looks like the NYC Maximilian may
have been someone else.

It's not clear whether Hanus has researched the brothers in US census
records. Perhaps he can try a trial membership on one of the commercial
sites (and remember to cancel in time).

Good luck!
Monica Leonards
suburban Philadelphia

Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>

Dear SIGers,

I search descendants >from Maxmilian GRAB, son of Friedrich GRAB and of
Karoline/Katharina, nee JOCKEL, b. Aug 5, 1870 in Prague and >from his

Maxmilian arrived in USA 1892 (see EllisIslandRecords) and received US
citizenship 1901 in New York. The last address (1907) what I know was 38
East, 21 Street, New York.

Maximilians brother Victor GRAB, b. Jan 19, 1876 in Prague arrived in USA
1895 (see EllisIslandRecords).

Maximilians brother Rudolf GRAB, b. Aug 27, 1879 in Prague arrived in USA
1907 (see EllisIslandRecords).

Thanks in advance for every research help.

Hanus Grab