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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Hanus Grab wrote: <"Please take a look at the list of
family names at the bottom of the page at
Perhaps someone can help me.">

I have been meaning to ask Hanus for a long time - I
have Auguste GRAB on my WOTTITZ family tree marrying
Robert FISCHER {Wiener Magistrat March 4, 1913}.
Auguste was born Nov. 18 1888 in Dauba, Bohemia.

Robert FISCHER's mother was Ernestine WOTTITZ born 24
Sept. 1856 in Pressburg, the sister of my
gt-grandfather Gustav WOTTITZ, and Robert's father was
David FISCHER born 4 April 1843 in Nikolsburg.

Unfortunately, I know nothing more about the FISCHER
family as I have never made contact with any of them,
wherever they might be.

David FISCHER and Ernestine WOTTITZ had 5 children:

Else Aug 7 1879
Olga 30 June 1881
Robert 30 June 1885
Paul Nov 8 1886
Grethe April 24 1888

Grethe {nee FISCHER} PRUGGER came to England - I can
see her in "Moving Here":
and the reason I found her was that my grandmother,
Ida {nee WOTTITZ} KERNER, who was Grethe's
first-cousin, has her listed in her tiny little
address book of the late 1930s as Grethe PRUGGER

And that sadly is all I know about this branch
of my WOTTITZ family.

Celia Male [U.K]

andrea steckerl <geneagirl64@...>

I do not know if this helps any, but my great-great grandmother was Julie
FISCHER and she was >from Nicholsburg, aka Mikulov. She was married to Jacob
STECKERL and they resided later in Misslitz (Miroslav). They had at least 4
children that I know of:
Sali,b.July 16,1859
All of the children were born in Miroslav. I obtained this information by
writing to the Czech. Archives.
Julie FISCHER was probably born around 1812, as she is buried in Vienna with
her son Isak/Ignaz STECHERL who is my great-grandfather. I have no other
information regarding the you know if there are several
fischer families or just one? Maybe Julie could be an aunt???

Hope this helps....
Andrea Steckerl