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adonicapr hernandez <adonicapr@...>

My greatgrandfather was Johann STERLING born in 1859
married to Karoline PULMANN.

He lived in Czechoslovakia and then
Sterling is not a German name but English and he was
not English
It is said he had his name changed
His son my grandfather was Paul Sterling born 1894
in Closter, Bergen. He spoke perfect yidish and the
meals and diet prepared by my grandmother were Kosh
(if said correctly)
I suspect there is a secret in the family and have no
support >from my german relatives.
I found through internet in Israel cementery Petach
Tikva Brorria Tzachmeister a Johann Sterling born in
1931 and died 26 sep. 2000.
I dont't know how to move on in this research.

Thank you,
Adónica Hernández Sterling

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Adonica Hernandez Sterling >from Spain writes to ask
about the STERLING family and their origins.

Here are my comments:

1. My strong suspicion is that this STERLING family
was not >from Austria, Bohemia or Moravia but from
Poland or perhaps Russia - this sadly can be confirmed
on Yad Vashem where you will find 22 STERLING entries,
mainly >from Poland [especially Warsaw] with Pages of
Testimony [one in France with an address] - which can
all be followed up. If however you enter the word
SHTERLING in an "advanced search with synonyms" on Yad
vashem you find 74 hits, many >from Lodz and Bialystock
as well: <>


Here is a recent death in California {SSDI}:

Pessa K. SZTERLING dd mm year mm 1990 city, L.A.

2. Adonica writes about her great-grandfather who was
Johann STERLING born in 1859 married to Karoline
PULMANN. It is said he had his name changed and the
family had a kosher household and spoke yiddish.

I cannot comment on the circumstances of the name
change but if I were called SILBER [or variants] - I
can quite easily see how I would change my name to
Sterling! Sterling silver is known the world over.

However there was a yiddish actor in London called L.
SHTERLING - who changed his name to L. STERLING so
that may be another clue [and see point 1 above for
other possible "original" names].

You can even see a Millja SHTERLING marrying in London
in 1896 on the free bmd records: Millja SHTERLING 1896
Jan-Feb-Mar London City London, Middlesex

3. Here is a confusing article about a catholic
STERLING family and WW2 [they may also have been

4. The SIG message archives reveals Deborah L STERLING
who was a member of the Ukraine SIG in 2001.

5. Here is the story [The International Raoul
Wallenberg Foundation] of a STERLING family who was
saved in the war by a catholic family

6. And here is a SHTERLING who has written in an
Yizkor book >from the Ukraine: [search for his name in
the contents pages]:

7. There were definitely STERLING immigrants to
England - two each >from Russia and Germany can be
found in the 1901 census and 5 >from Russia and 3 from
German in the 1891 census. Poland does not appear as a
country of origin. There are no STERLING immigrants to
be found in England in the 1881 census. They probably
changed their names on arrival. I have no
free access to the US censues but the one free
federal census of 1880 reveals no immigrants named

Conclusion: Adonica is not the only Jewish STERLING in
this world - whether they are all related, I have no
idea, but again I doubt it. There also is no reason to
believe there is a mystery behind this family name as
Adonica suggests: <I suspect there is a secret in the
family and have no support >from my German relatives>

... the family history may just have been forgotten or
buried after the traumas of the holocaust, where many
were murdered.

I think a posting to Jri-pl or the General Discussion
Group may be more fruitful. I hope I am wrong, but I
feel instinctively that the Austria-Czech group will
be a lost cause for family links.

Celia Male [U.K.]