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Sharla Levine <austriaczech@...>

Yes, our Austria-Czech SIG meeting at the upcoming IAJGS conference is
scheduled for 8 AM on Wednesday, August 16. I do hope many of you will be

However, it is not necessary to be there or to wait until then for some of
the information that Vera Finberg asked about. Here is a brief report,
which, if necessary, can be discussed in more depth at the meeting.

Our SIG was founded at the IAJGS conference in 1999 as a discussion list
only. I became the coordinator by default because no one else at that
meeting was willing to take the position. Very soon thereafter we added a
webpage. Over the years, we have laid the groundwork for several translation
and data acquisition/compilation/indexing projects, and now we may well have
a new opportunity to index records that are on microfilm with the FHL
(Family History Library). Our current "staff" consists of one SIG
Coordinator, one Project Coordinator, one webmaster, and two moderators.

Over our seven years, we have received contributions, some designated for
specific projects, as follows:
Czech cemetery database $ 488
Terezin Ghetto list $ 427
GemeindeView $1236
General A-C SIG fund $2210

Our only expenditure has been $20 for a meeting room fee at a previous IAJGS

The funds to translate the Gold books are part of the Yizkor Book Project
and not part of our SIG funds.

We have always been lacking volunteers and funds to carry out our projects.
Most notably, we have not had volunteers step forward to take responsibility
for any specific projects. Several people have offered to do bits and pieces
of things, but we need volunteers to lead each project. The Project
Coordinator is supposed to have an overview, to prioritize, and to handle
administrative duties for the various projects. Project Leaders (volunteers
in charge of specific projects) should deal with the details of their
project, assigning portions to others and following up on them, assembling
data as it comes in and preparing it for its end-use, etc. Without
volunteers, we cannot move forward with our projects, which are intended to
benefit all of us and future researchers.

To correct Vera's recent comment, we have had at least five different
moderators over the years, usually two people sharing duties at any given
time. In general, we seek to keep the moderators anonymous, although I will
admit that I have at times served as moderator. We currently have two
moderators. More would be welcome.

We have had three different people work on the webpage at various times. We
currently have one webmaster, who is a student and thus has only been able
to work on the page sporadically. He is eager to surrender the reins and has
suggested that job could be broken down into two or three aspects so that it
could be shared.

Due to some changes in my personal life and circumstances, I would like to
reduce my role in the SIG. Besides, as Vera suggests, some new people in all
the SIG positions should give the group some new energy, perspective, and
ideas. It would be wonderful to be able to announce and introduce new
volunteers at the upcoming meeting.

If you would like to volunteer for any position in the SIG, or if you have
suggestions of individuals who might be persuaded to take a position, please
contact me privately at

Sharla Levine
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator

Vera Finberg wrote:

Conference attendees have already heard that the SIG meeting is
scheduled for 8 AM on Wednesday. I hope we can get a report on the
status of the SIG, it's treasury (both for maintenance of the Web
page and for Research) and how many moderators we have/need as well
as co-ordinators. I do want to thank Sharla Levine who has been the
co-ordinator and a moderator for the entire time the SIG has existed,
first sharing duties with Randy and then alone?? I hope that we can
recruit new moderators, and co-ordinators who can revitalize the SIG.

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Thank you very much Sharla for your account of the present status of
the SIG and its organisational structure - but could we also please
know how many members we have? It would also be nice to have a
geographic breakdown of membership, like they have on the Gersig

I suspect is it abt 800 or more - but unfortunately only very few
people can attend the annual conferences - I have had ten names so
far in response to my request yesterday to compile an attendees list
->from Israel [2], Canada [1] and USA which includes one member from

Celia Male [U.K.]