Historical database of Czech businesses #austria-czech

Michael Gordy <michaelgordy@...>

I've stumbled upon a site in Czech that appears to
have a historical database on businesses in the Czech
Republic. A brewery owned by my g-g-g-grandmother's
brother is there, for example. Might someone who
understands Czech have a look at the homepage for this
site and explain what it is all about?


Michael Gordy
Hyderabad, India

Michael Gordy <michaelgordy@...>

Katrina in Australia sent me a link to a page in
English about this database. To quote:

"A long-term project of the Research Centre for
Industrial Heritage (VCPD) at CVUT and the Institute
of the History of Art and Architecture at the Faculty
of Architecture at CVUT in Prague has been the
development of a register of industrial heritage
buildings and sites."

The database at https://registr.cvut.cz/ is a
front-end to the register. To learn more, see


Depending on your browswer, it might show up in Czech,
but there is a link for "English" in the upper right.

Hope others find this helpful.

-- Michael Gordy
Hyderabad, India