LDS films of Jewish records #austria-czech

Bob Lenk

When you go past the first 111 entries, there is a comment (between two
entries in the table, "Andere Verfilmung, 2004". Following these are
the films of the original IKG registers - beginning with film number
2203448, and ending with number 1575352 (these are catalogued not in
numerical order).

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, US

Heinz Hadwig <Heinz.Hadwig@...>


In May 2006 Bob LENK wrote a mail to this list:

"Matrikel der Juedischen Gemeinde 1826 - 1938 (Register of the Jewish
Community) now includes 380 films:

- 111 films, published in 1980. These are the copies of birth/marriage/
death registers >from the city archives, which have been available for years.

- *about 87 films, published in 2004*. These are the original birth/marriage/
death registers >from the IKG. Actually, there seem to be some missing -
more details in a separate posting.

My question:

How can I find this new published film numbers >from 2004 out of this
large list!?

Regards, Heinz (Hadwig)