IKW Records #austria-czech

Charlie Roberts <charlie.roberts@...>

In distributing my last message only part of the URL got transmitted
correctly. It should read as follows with the underline on both which will
then take you to the correct page:

Charlie Roberts (London, England)

Researching AUFRICHTIG, WODAK Boskovice/Boskowitz, Moravia, Bohemia, Vienna,
Austria, Worldwide

Thomas F. Weiss

I want to call attention to the Notes section of the link given by Charlie Roberts.

The link indicates that these records were taken >from the Duplicate records
that are held by the City Archives. These are not the primary records held
in the Jewish Community Center (IKG). The two sets of records
are not identical. I have written an article on the two sets of
vital records, which can be found at Weiss, T. F. (2005). Jewish vital records
in Vienna: Two sets, Avotaynu, Vol. 21, Number 3, pp. 22-24.

I know that the LDS has been filming the primary records held at the
IKG, but I have not found a reference to them in the family search site.
If anyone has the URL of these records, please let us know.


Thomas Weiss
Newton, MA

Bob Lenk

The films of the "primary" records held at the IKG are in the same
record of the Family History Library catalog (referenced in several
recent messages). The first 111 entries are the films of the copies in
the City Archives. Then there is a comment "Andere Verfilmung, 2004".
Following these are the films of the original IKG registers, beginning
with film number 2203448.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, US