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<<After finding several members of my family on the JRI-PL database, I sent

away to the LDS center in Salt Lake City for a number of photocopies of

these records. In my application I included all the information that was

available to me - film no., type of registration, registration no., date

and, of course, the person's name. Whilst I did receive all the photocopies

that I had requested, the application form that I'd sent was returned to me

with the remark (in red) "include pages numbers".

This is information that was not available to me and I'd like to know if

other fellow Genners have had similar "tsures" with applying for photocopies

of LDS records?

I wonder if that message refers to "Akt" --- the document numbers which
usually are listed on the indexed records in the JRI-PL database? But why
would it matter, since you'd be sent the full microfilm reel >from LDS, and
then it's up to you to locate the documents you're interested in? Perhaps you
can leave a message on the LDS web site and ask them what they meant.

Milton R. Goldsamt
Silver Spring, MD

Danielle James <daniandw@...>

Dear Austriaczech-Siggers

I have been speaking to a woman at the LDS and she told me that the
Salt Lake City centre are putting all the records
online. They estimate that it will take 6 years; however, they began a
year ago and are well ahead of schedule.

I thought that members would like to know. Perhaps some of the records
already online would be helpful.

The website address is:

Warmest wishes to all,

Danielle (James)
Adelaide, South Australia