Katharina {nee WOTTITZ} ZERKOWITZ #austria-czech


This is in response to Celia Male's posted message >from Tuesday, Feb. 27th.
Yes, Katharina WOTTITZ, wife of Leopold ZERKOWITZ, is in my family tree and
a part of my database (which is now nearly at 10,000 names). Here is what
I know about her and her family:

Katharina WOTTITZ, b. c.1795 in Pressburg, Pozsony, Hungary, m. c.1816,
Leopold ZERKOWITZ, b. 1787, Pressburg, son of Jacob ZERKOWITZ, originally
>from Mahr. Weisskirchen, Moravia. [Leopold was a first cousin to my
3-great-grandfather, Nesanel KOHN-ZERKOWITZ (1783-1847) of Trencin.]

Leopold ZERKOWITZ was a brandy dealer. He lived for many years in his
native city of Pressburg, Pozsony Co., Hungary (now Bratislava, Slovakia),
and is listed in the 1828 Jewish census of Varallya (a section of Pressburg)
as "Leop. CZERKOVITZ". According to "Who's Who in Budapest", he moved to
Pest, Hungary in 1829 and was registered as a brandy dealer there in 1837.
His death record states the following: "Leopold ZERKOWITZ, age 58, married,
born in Pressburg, died in Pest (household #225), 9 August 1845".

Leopold and Katharina had four known children:
1. Siegmund ZERKOWITZ, b. Pressburg, 1818, d. in Pest, 1 Oct. 1837, age 19 yrs.
2. Regine ZERKOWITZ, b. Pressburg, c.1820. She m. c.1836, Nathan KANITZ of Pest
3. Anna ["Nina"] ZERKOWITZ, b. Pressburg, 1822. She m. in Pest, 6 May 1841, Herman DIETRICHSTEIN
4. Julius Josef ZERKOWITZ, b. Pressburg, 6 December 1826; went to Vienna (see below)

A few years ago, Wolf-Erich Eckstein sent me the following:

">from a new book about baptized Jews 1782-1868 by Anna Staudacher: Julius
ZERKOWITZ, born Pressburg / Bratislava, 6 Dec. 1826, son of Leopold ZERKOWITZ
and Katharina nee WOTTITZ, changed his name to CZERKOWICZ 12 July 1848, and
was baptized (Catholic) 22 July 1848 in Vienna, church Sankt Leopold. Then his
name became Julius Josef CZERKOWICZ."

I have always meant to try and track descendants of Julius Josef CZERKOWICZ,
but have never gotten to it.

Here are some interesting WOTTITZ entries:

* Baruh WOJTITZ, "merchant >from Pozsony", is listed in "Who's Who in Budapest".
He was registered in Budapest in both 1827 and in 1837. [Because Leopold and
Katharina were also in Budapest as early as 1829, I am guessing that Baruh was
a close relative of Katharina's -- perhaps a father or a brother.]
* Joseph VODITZ [or VEDITZ] is listed in the 1828 census of Varallya, Pozsony
* Isacus WODITZ is listed in the 1828 census of Pozsony [city].

It seems likely that your Leopold WOTTITZ may have been the son or grandson of
one of the above.

Robert Hanscom
Andover, Massachusetts USA


Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Bob Hanscomb sent us a most interesting account of his ZERKOWITZ family and the
links now established as a result of the findings in the 1792-94 census of
Prague. Looking on the FTJP, I was astonished to see this:

Katharina WOTTITZ Born: Abt 1795, Pressburg, Pozsony Megye, Hungary
Died: Aft 1845
Spouse: Leopold ZERKOWITZ
Born: 1787, Pressburg, Pozsony Megye, Hungary
Married: Abt 1816
Died: 9 Aug 1845, Pest, Hungary

I presume this is Bob's entry?

One of my four maternal gt-gt grandfathers was Leopold WOTTITZ and he was also
from Pressburg and born in the early years of the 1800s. I have a photograph of
him and his wife [Charlotte LOEWY] but no dates. That is all I know about them.
I have extensive knowledge of their six children though. Three branches, Gustav
{my gtgrandfather] and siblings, Karl and Ernestine {FISCHER} ended up in
Vienna. Two siblings remained in Pressburg and environs and one moved to
Transylvania [now Romania] and Budapest.

We have had such major breakthroughs in Bohemia with the censuses, but early
vital records >from Pressburg are missing and that is a great hindrance to
research. There were indeed a number of WOTTITZ families in Pressburg, but
unless there is a miraculous find of missing bmd records, we will never know if
Katharina WOTTITZ ZERKOWITZ is related to *my* Leopold WOTTITZ. I have the same
problems with my other early Pressburg gtgt grandparents.

With the Bohemian ones, I can go much further back in Kolin and Grossbock.
Ironically, they were the ones I knew absolutely nothing about a few years ago.

My four maternal gtgtgrandparents all born late 1700s/early 1800s are:
Leopold & Regine {nee LEMBERGER} TEDESKO - Pressburg > Vienna
buried [Doblinger Friedhof, Vienna]
Emanuel & Fanny {nee LEIDESDORF} BIACH - Pressburg > Vienna [buried Wahringer
Friedhof, Vienna]
Leopold & Charlotte {nee LOEWY} WOTTITZ - Pressburg {presumed buried there}
Raphael & Caroline {nee POPPER} KOHN - Grossbock & Kolin {Bohemia}> Vienna
[buried Grossbock and ZF Tor 1, Vienna resp.]

Celia Male [U.K.]