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Daniela Torsh <danielat1@...>

Celia Male mentions that JEITELES has been changed to JENSEN and other
names. My gt grandmother Rosa JEITELES came >from Straznice in Moravia and
lived there till her death in about 1919. She is buried in the cemetery
there with her husband Isidor WINTER. Her parents were Yetti maiden name
MANDLER and Ezechiel JEITELES. Their stones are also in the Straznice
Celia also mentions the family name of ILLTIS. I have been told by a trusted
source that ILLTIS is another name for THORSCH. I think both mean skunk or
polecat in Czech. I have not researched ILLTIS yet as my THORSCH research is
still going.
Daniela Torsh
Sydney, Australia

Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>

Daniela Torsh has written:
"I think both (ILLTIS and THORSCH) mean skunk or polecat in Czech."

Tchor (with diacritic hook over r = in German transcription written Thorsch)
is really the CZECH name of skunk/polecat but Iltis (with only one l) is the
GERMAN name of skunk/polecat.

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Hanus Grab