IKG database #austria-czech

Bob Lenk

Several SIG members have written about records/registers >from the Wien
IKG that are not available online at the FHL site. I have a theory base
on what I have observed. The FHL microfilms often combines several
registers on a single film (and also split registers between films).
On their website they are trying to organize the registers more
systematically - first by jurisdiction, then be type of register, and
finally by register. It looks like they have made available online the
films that fit this organization well. Registers that are not
available include those which are on the same film with registers >from
another jusrisdiction/district. I have also noticed at least one case
where the excluded registers (The "A" and "B" birth registers for the
years 1826-1858) are on the same film with a register that cannot be
placed online because it includes newer records that would violate
Austrian privacy laws (the 1932-1938 birth index).

Hopefully someone who is in contact with the FHL about this project can
advise us about whether my theory is correct, and what the plan/schedule
is for getting the remaining registers online.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, USA


Arthur Spiro asks if anyone else has found that records listed in GenTeam
aren't to be found in the IKG/FHC database. Although my concentration on the
Czech Archives has prevented me >from spending much time on the IKG material,
I think his inquiry may actually tie in with my own "odd" findings.

Thanks to Traude Triebel, I did have a few copies of register entries for my
Aufrichtig family members. I was, however, surprised to note that for one of
them, the 28 July 1907 marriage entry for Alois Aufrichtig and Bertha
Krakauer, the pages reproduced by Family Search are definitely >from a
different register to that received >from Traude.

The Family Search copy has the names of bride and groom in much larger
script. Are there, perhaps, two or more sets of each register? Are Family
Search using a less complete copy or set of books? Perhaps Traude may be
able to advise.

Ronny Roberts, London & Bradenton, FL
(Moravia), WODAK (Moravia)


Isn't it great how much information we've been able to learn >from the
new database? The staff at IKG have done a valuable service to us
all. And combined with the file numeratives in GenTeam it's a
relatively easy tool to use.

But has anyone else been finding that very many of the records listed
in GenTeam aren't to be found in the IKG/FHC database? In my case
I've looked up 68 of the GenTeam records but could only find 44 of
them in the source record books, so a "miss" rate of 35%. Are there
more books still in the process of being digitized by IKG or yet to be
put online by the Family History Center?

Arthur Spira
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Researching: SPIRA of Trebic and Vienna
MAX of Schaffa
DUERRHEIM of Trebic and Vienna
OSTERMANN of Novosedlice, Vienna and ?