Please - I need some help re Bloch family from Neuern (Nyrsko) #austria-czech


Hi Susan, I have come across a Marta Bloch, it is a somewhat distant
conection through the Zalud family. My father's sister Berta Schwarz married
Sigmund Zalud,Sigmund's brother Leopold Zalud Married a Marta Bloch.Berta
Schwarz/Zalud was born in 1889 and Sigmund Zalud in 1881 their residence
apparendly could have been Jablonski in southern Bohemia. I hope this is of
some help, Herb Schwarz,Ontario,Canada


Hi all - I have been working on a BLOCH family tree and am grateful for the help of some on the website.

This resource did not exist when I first joined the austriaczech
listserv many years ago.

Jewish gen and the website have also been extremely helpful.

I would like to document as many Bloch relatives as possible,
especially those who suffered so much in the ghettos and camps.

Because of the brutality of the Nazis, I never knew any of my
grandparents, as well as many of my uncles
and aunts, so this is a familial labor of love for and to them.

Unfortunately, most of those in the family today know little about
those who are no longer with us.  
So -- I need a little help:

The Bloch family I am researching began in Neuern, Bohemia which is
now Nyrsko in the Plzen Region of the Czech Republic.Â

Those who left came mainly to Vienna.  I believe two came to NY and CT
(Robert and Marie).
Two immigrated to Montreal and Australia because of the war (Bruno
Weiss and Agathe - don't know her last name, but it was Hungarian). 
Maybe some stayed in Neuern?  Those probably were all killed, but
wouldn't it be wonderful to find a descendant of someone who survived?

My great grandparents were Julie (Julia) WEISZ BLOCH and Moses BLOCH.
I wonder what Moses did for a living? They had
about 10 kids, or more, so he must have made a decent living.

My grandparents were Anna BLOCH and Eduard BENEDIG. How they met I
don't know, but I believe they married in Neuern.
A nice lady on sent me their wedding record.

Eduard was Hungarian, >from Nyulfalu (I think that's the name of the
town) and I cannot find anyone else Jewish with that
name of his generation. He must have had a family -- but who were they
and what happened to them?  I think his father was Simon
Benedig,  That's what I think it says on the wedding record. (It is
difficult to read.)

So, anyone with a Bloch connection to Neuern -- can you help? I would
be very appreciative!

Best regards and thank you all for the years of
being connected to this online community

-- Susan Gerber Weisfeld