Lodz records at the USHMM #austria-czech


Hi folks:

I spent today at the USHMM, mostly working on emigration files for the
Viennese Jewish Community (a process I found frustrating). But while
waiting for some microfilm to be retrieved, I did a bit of work on
Lodz ghetto records and thought I would pass along what I learned.

So the "Last Letters >from Lodz" index at JewishGen corresponds to
collection 15.083 in the USHMM library, and this collection has been
digitally copied. So, at the museum (but, alas not on-line), you can
sit at a computer and find the letters and download them to your USB
drive. The roll number and page numbers >from the JewishGen index work
fine and I was able to grab letters for 16 people in about 20 minutes.
The letters are painful reading -- they are pleas not to be placed on
a transport (to the execution camp at Chelmno) and tell of people
caring for sick family members, for young children, and the like.

Another index at JewishGen, for "Lodz Ghetto Work Identification
Cards", also corresponds to collection 15.083. So this is also
digitized. Again, easy to find the right record. Many of the ID
cards have photos.

Hoping this is useful,


Craig Partridge
(non-work account -- for work issues send to craig@aland.bbn.com)

Amos Israel Zezmer

Thank you, Craig, for this valuable information.

Alas, it is quite heart-rending that this database is unavailable for
online viewing.

Not everyone can visit the USHMM library and see the letters.

I have family members who were in the Lodz Ghetto and perished therein
or were deported to the death camps.

I will never be able to see these letters---and neither will other
family members---because for all intents and purposes if they are not
online, they are simply unavailable to those who need them for closure.

Yerres, France