Graz Austria #austria-czech


In August, we were in Austria and Germany. At the request of a member of H-
Sig, I sought out information on his family in Graz. In doing so, I learned
that there is a Jewish community in existence in Graz at the sight of the
former Synagogue. It is run by a Doktor Henker (frau). They have computerized
all of the birth, marriage and death records of the Jewish communities in
Styria (Southeastern Austria), There are between 100-150 members of the
Jewish community in Graz. The office is the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde at
58 Grieskai. There is a black obelisk monument on the site of the former
synagogue as well a plaque on the wall of the adjoining building which
currently houses the office. In the offices there is a chapel which is
currently used primarily for the high holy day services. They hope to begin
to construct a new synagogue within the next year on the site of the previous
one. I was given a book entitled "Geschichte der Juden in Sudost-Osterreich
(I have not figured out how to get the umlauts of the two o's). Suffice to
report that there is quite a history of the jews in and about this area of

The Austrian part of our trip was in conjunction with the International
Federation of University Women. After leaving Graz we went into Germany and
spent two weeks doing Genalogy research on our families. We had amazing luck
and obtained a wealth of information and made many contacts. This was mostly
in the Frnaconia area of Bavaria as well as Baden Wurttenburg and Hessen.
More about this later should any one be interested.



According to the web, it is the oldest Jewish community established in Austria.
Are there any records for this town? My grandmother was born in Graz. Thank you.
Sincerely, Robert Goldberg