Books about Terezin/Theresienstadt #austria-czech


Since there have been a few enquiries recently after my post I thought I
should share the titles of some books I have about the concentration camp my
parents met in.
Theresienstadt. A guide by Jehuda Huppert and Hana Drori. Vitalis, Prague
Braude, Sandra Lee. Pictures of a strange town. A story of the Terezin
ghetto. HerStoriA` Press, Johannesburg, 2000.
"I have not seen a butterfly around here". Children's drawings and poems
from Terezin.. The Jewish Museum, Prague, 1993. I own a copy of the eighth
edition published in English 2001.
Adler, H. G. Theresienstadt 1941-1945. The face of a coerced community.
Transl. Belinda Cooper. Cambridge University Press 2017. First published in
German 1955.
Daniela Torsh
Sydney, Australia
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Michael Gordy

For those who read German, let me add an extraordinary diary (not
memoir) written by a 13 year old girl:
"Mein Theresienstaedter Tagebuch 1943-1944" By Helga Pollak Kinsky.

I am working with the author and her German publisher to bring this
book to an English-speaking audience.

Helga Kinsky's diary was also a key source for this book/educational project:
"The Girls of Room 28: Friendship, Hope, and Survival in
Theresienstadt" by Hannelore Brenner.

Michael Gordy
Takoma Park, Maryland, USA