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I was in contact with a Sozialarbeiter at the ESRA Psychosoziales
Zentrum in Vienna about this issue in May. What he wrote is this:
"The Austrian government has announced a law change for descendants of
Austrians who were forced to escape because of national socialist
persecution. According to this expected law it should make no
difference if the Austrian origin is derived >from the maternal or
paternal line. However the law change has not yet come into force and
we do not have reliable information when it will come. We hope that it
will come until the end of 2019."

I gathered >from talking with people in Vienna that the outcome of this
new law is far >from certain. I was advised to get in touch with the
ESRA again in November to inquire.

Martin Tompa
Seattle, WA, USA


Yes. You need proof but it is possible to reclaim Austrian citizenship.
Call your local Austrian Consulate and I am sure they will provide the
particulars of what you must do. It will involve a lot of running
around to proved you are a legitimate child of your parents and that
your parents were Austrian citizens.
Good luck.

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Shalom -

Some time ago, it was reported on JewishGen that the
Austrian government was preparing a Bill that would allow
descendants of exiled Austrian Jews to apply for
citizenship. At last reading (maybe a year ago) it was still
ongoing. Does anyone have updated information on this

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

Is there any English person on the forum who has gained dual
citizenship with Austria as a descendant of a victim of Nazi