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Dear Issie,
I, too, have FEIN family >from the same area. I know that some of my
Fein relations were born in Kaputla, now called Kopyl', which is less than
30 miles (45 km) >from Gorodeya, in a SouthEast direction.
My great-great-grandmother was Celia Fein. She married Hyman or
Samuel COHEN - (sometimes he is called Hyman Samuel and other times Samuel
Hyman). They had 4 children that I know of: Bernhard (my great-grandfather),
Lena, Mollie and Jacob (not necessarily in that order). Celia's brother was
Moses, who was, according to census records, said to be born in Minsk.
Moses married Gertrude (last name unkown) and had 4 children that I know of:
Solomon, Abraham, Meyer and Mollie (again, Mollie is out of birth order).
Only Mollie was married in Europe - to Joseph MEISEL. Solomon and Abraham
both said on census records that they were born in Kopyl', while I believe
that my own direct ancestors were probably born in Minsk. They say "Minsk"
on some documents, but I do not know for sure if that is the city or
district of Minsk. I have extensive information about these branches of the
family. All of the children of Celia Fein Cohen and Moses Cohen seem to have
emigrated to Milwaukee, WI. , and some moved >from there to other locations.
Solomon and possibly others, stopped in Chicago en route to Milwaukee. Moses
Fein was in Milwaukee for at least a short time (in 1895) to celebrate his
65th birthday - he was presented with a watch that is named and dated and
placed, and still in the family.
I do not have European records for anyone in this family - all my
information comes >from US documents and some private records. I am under the
impression, however, that the name Fein, at least in pre-turn-of-
the-century US, was not common.

I am eager to hear if this connects with any information you have
about your Fein ancestors. I did not quite understand about the possiblity
of a name change >from Popak.
Best regards,

Claire Oppenheim,
British Columbia, Canada.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please see my separate posting on FEIN.

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I am searching for information on Gorodeya, which is now in Belarus. This
town is located on the Minsk-Brest railway near Baranvichy, 94 KM. SW of

The current Belarus spelling is Garadzea. Other variations are Horodzie and

My family name is FINE, which may have been spelled FAYN, FEYN, or FEJN.

I believe that our name was changed >from POPAK.

I would appreciate any clues to finding out about my family or general
information about this shtetl.

Issie Fine