Dear Miriam:
I think the name you are looking for is now BASIN or BASSIN. There
are quite a number in the Mogilev records, and probably more in Minsk. A
few years ago, one of the leaders in the Minsk community was a BASIN, he
may be in Brooklyn now -- sorry i can't think of his name, but I will ask
my contacts. if you have access to a Brooklyn or Los Angeles Phone Book you
might be surprised to see how many of these spellings are there.

If this helps, the Mogilev birth index of fathers of baby boys are:
1865: BASSIN, no first name
1870-1: BASSIN, no first name
1873: BASSIN Gerts/Hirsh,
1875: BASSIN Khonon (Khanon/Elchanan)
1878: BASSIN Yankel (twins)
1880: BASSIN Nokhim, BASSIN Khonon
1883: BASSOV Khanin (could be BASSIN Khonon)
1885: BASSIN Vigdor (Avigdor/Victor)
1886: BAS Khaim (could be BASSIN)
1888: BASSIN Osher-Movsha
1889: BASHKIN Movsha-Yankel (could be BASSIN), BASSIN Vigdor
1891: BASSIN Osher-Movsha, BASSIN Itska-Vulf, BASSIN Vigdor
1892: BASSIN Aron, BAS Khaim
1893: BAS Pirsh-Berk (could be BASSIN)

These are fathers of baby boys, index of 1864-1894 on 5th roll of 7 rolls
of Mogilev Crown Rabbinate Records. Actual records begin 1837. Index was
transliterated by recent Mogilev immigrant Bella Nayer of Brooklyn.
Best regards,
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
JGS of Southern Nevada-East

Subject: Searching surname BASSEIN

I am searching for family with the surname BASSEIN. They came to the U.S.
from Minsk in 1907. Has anyone run across this name?
Miriam Camitta


Dear Schelley,
Thanks for writing so soon, and for the great list! I am admittedly new to
geneological research. My question is this: My g-grandfather (Bezalel
Bassein) had five children, two of whom were boys, named Jacob and Leybe.
They were all born in Minsk. I have postcards addressed to them, with Bassein
spelled in Russian, always with the e. In the US, all of their descendents
who kept the name have retained the e. While there are many Bassins and
Basins to be found, I keep wondering if there is something to this spelling.
Do you have any ideas?

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not be posted the group, I released it to the group because I thought that
some of the newer members might learn something about name variations.