response from Yuri Shcherbina #belarus


a Jew named Yuri Chaimovich Boyarsky staked responsibility
> for the project. He has not, however, made satisfactory progress
> on the project. At the very least, he is a poor manager /
> fundraiser / restorer. All the people I spoke to in Grodno,
> both Jews and non-Jews, called him a liar...

This is a very sad story. I knew him as a very nice, friendly
and honest person. I don't believe he really was involved in this
"shakher--makher". I remember him working hard on the restoration
of the Synagogue and Jewish Community in Grodno. He is a very old
man, he does not have children, what could be his reason for
corruption? At his age people usually think about their coming
visit to G-d, not about money... >>

Dear Yuri,
I have no idea whether Yuri Boyarski is corrupt or not. However, since
the restoration of the synagogue is mostly non-existent and because
he refuses access to the records of the Jewish community history, I
think we would be wise to withhold our judgment ...and any donations...
until the government investigation of the corruption charges against him
are finished. I understand that he is personally charming...Most con-men
are. Therefore, I await further developments.
Ellen Sadove Renck - NY
VP-Research, Grodno Genealogy Group, Inc.