Belarus SIG Website Updated #belarus

David M. Fox <fox@...>

Dear Belarus SIG Members:

Thanks to the efforts of Risa Heywood, our SIG webmaster, the Belarus SIG
website <> has been updated
with many new pages and links. I urge each and everyone of you who has
access to the WWW to visit the our website and follow all the links, even
if they might not relate to your personal research. You might be
surprised at what you find. I found some of my surnames on a list of
Victims of the Zembin Ghetto, yet I had no knowledge of any family
connections to Zembin.

Hopefully, some the pages will give you ideas to develop your own
ShtetLink pages or perhaps start a research project. If anyone is aware
of other Belarus related websites that should be linked to our SIG
website, please contact Risa Heywood <risah@...>.

Some of the new material or new links include:
1. List of Victims of the Zembin Ghetto
2. Link to Vitaly's Minsk Surname Database
3. Links to Mir, Dolginov, Lepel,and Slonim ShtetLinks sites
4. 1897-1898 Population List for Minsk Gub. Towns
5. Link to English-Belarusan Dictionaries
6. Renting a car in Belarus - by Frank Swartz
7. US Consular Information about Travel to Belarus
8. Link to US Embassy in Minsk Website
9. Link to Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS - Contains
address and contact person for 19 Jewish communities in Belarus
10. Additional addresses for archives in Belarus
11. Occupations of Minsk Guberniya Jewish Population
12. Poor population among towns in Minsk Guberniya - 1905
13. Photos of Nevel, Vitebsk Gub.
14. Photos and documents >from Vetka, Mogilev Gub.
15. Link to Former Residents of Gomel, Mogilev, Gub

Thanks again to Risa for all the time an effort it took to assemble this
information and get it on the website.

David Fox
Belarus SIG Coordinator

Reeva Kimble <rKimble@...>

Dear Belarus SIG Members:

On my web site for Mir, Belarus is an index of names that appear in the
book entitled "The History of the Mir Yeshiva.=B2 There are 791
names of people, associated with the Mir Yeshiva.

Rick Saffran, whose ancestors came >from Mir, transliterated the entire
index. He indicated those names that also appear in Neil Rosenstein's book
"Latter Day Leaders, Scholars and Sages."

"The History of the Mir Yeshiva" is written in Hebrew. Neither Rick nor I
have a copy. If you do, and are willing to translate portions, please
contact me.

Reeva Jacobson Kimble
web site: <>