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When my grandparents came to the US, they were sent to Iowa to farm.
They ended up farming in the Benton Harbor, Michigan area.
Does anyone have any information about Jewish farmers in the midwest?

Thank you,
Jeaninne Krupp


This article I found on the internet contains a gold mine of notes and
citations >from books and other publications relating to the Jewish
immigrant farming experience throughout much of America. Any researcher
on this subject should find this bibliography to be a useful source for
leads on information.

The American Jewish Archives website has an article titled " Jewish> Immigrant Farmers in the Connecticut Valley: The Rockville Settlement"

by Mark A. Raider. See-

David Rosen, Boston, MA


I too have been looking for information on the midwest. Some of
my ancestors settled in Sioux City, Iowa pre 1900s and I am looking
for reasons why. To date I have not really found any reasons.
My family name was GEFFEN.

Marjorie Goldberg

Risa E Heywood <risah@...>

The Jewish Agricultural and Industrial Aid Society helped many Jews move
from cities to farms all over the United States. The Society began its work
in 1900. I just finished reading a book about its history called, Our
Jewish Farmers by Gabriel Davidson. It was published in 1943 by the L.B.
Fischer Publishing Corporation in NY. I was able to get it through
interlibrary loan.

My great-grandfather, Israel DAITZMAN, and other relatives >from Gomel had
farms in Ulster County, NY >from 1906 to 1920. I was able to find the land
records for their farms in the Ulster County courthouse and there were
references to mortgages given to them by the Jewish Agricultural Society.
My next step will be to look at the records at the American Jewish
Historical Society in Boston. Their brand-new database on JewishGen indicates that they have records
of the Jewish Agricultural Society, including loan applications. If anyone
is going to the AJHS for research and could see if my family's loan
applications are there, please reply privately.

Risa Heywood
Louisville, CO
FEDYUK, KHVEDYUK, FEDER - Lyakhovichi, Slutsk and Jersey City, NJ
TEITZEL, DAITZMAN, DEUTCHMAN, DEITCHMAN - Gomel, Unecha, Dnepropetrovsk,
Ohio and New Jersey
LOCKSHIN - Kuznetsy, Suraz and Youngstown, Ohio
BORISSOF, BRAND - Gomel and Philadelphia area
SHIFRIN - Zembin
TZIPKIN, ZIPKIN - Minsk area


Hi Risa - My ggf/ggm moved >from NYC to a farm in Monticello (Sullivan county)
in 1900.
Since I am having trouble finding info on this particular ggf I was intrigued
by your posting. Do you know if the AJHS in Boston entertains search
requests for the Agricultural Aid society data base? If you have seen any of
the loan applications can you tell me what type of information one can find
on them? Any info would be appreciated.

Robert Louis
JGS Los Angeles

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Myra S. Davis <myrabokpg@...>

Reading the message >from Risa about her great grandfather's farm made me
remember that my grandparents coming >from Skvira, Ukraine had a farm in
Knox, IN shortly after they arrived in the U.S. in 1902 or 1903. I don't
know if they had to apply for a loan or not but I would assume they had
little money of their own. I wrote to the court house in Knox asking for
information but did not receive any answers.
Is there anyone >from that area that could assist me in this search?

Myra Davis, Tucson, AZ

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