Translators Needed, Vsia Rossiia #belarus


Members of the Belarus SIG have completed translating the names >from the
Minsk section of the 1903 edition of Vsia Rossiia, the Russian Business
Directory, as well as the names >from the Mogilev section of the 1911 edition.
The Minsk section can be searched on the JewishGen web site, we anticipate
posting the Mogilev names in the near future. We plan to proceed to the
translation of the names in the Minsk Guberniia, 1911 edition. Tranlsators
are needed, the original data is in clear typewritten Russian. I will mail a
copy of the Minsk Guberniia section to the translators, data can be submitted
on paper or on a floppy disk.

I hope that the translators that were so helpful with the previous sections
will again assist. New translators are also needed. Please respond to:

Tom Gartman

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

Does the 1903 edition of Visia Rosslia, Russian Business Directory include
all of Minsk Gubernia or is it just of Minsk? Please claify. Thank you.

Diane Glazer Jacobs

MODERATOR NOTE: This database consists of 1211 entries for Minsk gubernia
(province) >from the 1903 "All Russia" business directory Vsia Rossiia.
Minsk gubernia was comprised of 10 districts (uezds): Bobruisk, Borisov,
Igumen, Minsk, Mozyr, Nesvizh, Novogrudok, Pinsk, Rechitsa and Slutsk. Go
to the Belarus SIG homepage <>, click on
Minsk, and then click on 1903 Minsk Gubernia Vsia Rossiia.