Nazis in Belarus WAS: Einsatzgruppen in Belarus #belarus

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The lead Nazi responsible for the murder of Jews in Slutsk was an Estorian named Mikhail Gorshkow.  You can look him up online.

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Searching Slutsk pre-WWII: EPSTEIN, Abraham, Shulieh Devorah (Celia), and Phillip (Rafoel, "Alter").  

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Jack Blagman wrote:

Does any one know of a book (in English, aside >from Raul Hilberg's 2
volume study) that provides a detailed, comprehensive study of their
destructive work in Belarus, (And information about the "second wave").
I'd like people to have a look at the entry >from the Slutsk Yiskor
Book on the devastating job done by the Einsatzgruppen in Belarus
with reference to the town of Slutsk.

Please go to:

and read the first hand account of what went on in this center of
Jewish life.

Margot Topkins Tutun
Lexington, Massachusetts

Lyuban/Slutsk; TAUBKIN, ARONOFF,
KOCH, Vitebsk, Montreal; ASHKENAZY,
ADLER, Warsawa; TUTUN, Berezno/Rovno.