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The Belarus SIG is pleased to annouce the "Belarus Surname Index", located
at This site indexes
surnames that appear in small databases that are not yet included in the
"All Belarus Database". To start, the "Belarus Surname Index" has over
13000 unique surnames >from 44 different databases.

If you see a surname that you are interested in, click on the associated

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Phyllis Cole <phylliscole@...>

I think Rehitsa uezd is in Minsk Gubernia not Vitebsk.
I found it on:
I could be wrong-check it out.

River Edge, NJ

(shtetl),Novogrodok (uezd), Minsk (gubernia).

Julian Peerutin <JulianP@...>


Thanks to this index I have found the first record that recognizes my
surname (which is quite unique). However the area that this person comes
from is not a recognized name that I understand my family came from.
I tried looking trough the Shtetlseeker but came up with lots of names that
I couldn't really claim to be the one.
Can any help me and tell me where this place is and what it is called today.
Gubernia: Vitebsk
District: Rezhitsa
Town: Rezhitsa


Julian Peerutin

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