Jewish Encyclopedia Articles #belarus


The article about Gomel >from the Jewish Encyclopedia is ready to be posted to
the web site. First I need the email address to where it is to be sent.

But second, and more important, can this material be posted? It contains
references to 1970 events, and therefore, cannot be 75 years old. David Fox,
you started this whole process. Now please give us the word.

To those of you who have written me privately for copies of the article,
please have a bit more patience.

Adar Belinkoff
Claremont, CA
Researching: BELINKOFF >from Gomel, Israel, Youngstown and Los Angeles;
CHARNAK >from Gomel, Ukraine, Youngstown and Philadelphia;
MAGIDSON >from Gomel, Youngstown and New York;
KLEINERT or Klein >from Gomel(?)
PINTCHUK >from Tomaszov Mazieowecki, Youngstown & Cleveland;
NUMBERG >from Lomza and Chicago;
GOLDER (GOLDFARB) >from Ostrolenka and Chicago.