Mailing lists for Christians #belarus

Alice Gutenkauf <agutenkauf@...>

Dear Francois

If you check the Rootsweb site I think you will find a long list of mailing
lists devoted to many European countries, among them Denmark and the
Benelux. Jews are certainly not the only ones doing genealogy. I belong to
the Denmark List which is very active and has numerous members, among them
the moderator of this list Elizabeth Paikin.

Alice Gutenkauf

There must be some misunderstanding, as I (Elsebeth Paikin) is the
moderator of three JewishGen mailing lists: Belarus, Denmark and
Ekaterinoslav. I am also the SIG Coordinator and webmaster of
JewishGen's Denmark SIG:
- and all of those are for Jewish genealogists!
But it is absolutely correct that there are many non-Jewish or just
non-denominational genealogical mailing lists.

Best regards
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
moderator on duty