Gentleman Farmer #belarus

Nisha Chirnomas <nchirnomas@...>

Does anyone know what is meant by a "gentleman farmer"?
My great uncle Morris LEVIN was >from Svisloch, and his daughter said he was
a gentleman farmer. She thought it meant that he owned land. My uncle left
Svisloch by 1901. Were Jews permitted to own land in that era?
Thanks everyone for any help.
Nisha Levine Chirnomas
Scottsdale, AZ

LEVIN: Svisloch, Grodno, Belarus
MELAMED : Svisloch, Grodno, Belarus
FUKS: Svisloch, Grodno, Belarus
CHERNOMAZ: Uman, Ukraine
NISSENSON: Olgopol, Ukraine
KLEIMAN: Balta, Ukraine

Carol <clingan@...>

The phrase "gentleman farmer" usually means someone who farms more for a
hobby than for work, and doesn't get his hands actually dirty. I would have
trouble imagining that ANY Jew at that time would be in that category!
Carol Clingan
Auburndale MA

Brenda & Irwin Etter <etterbi@...>

I wonder gentleman farmer implied that they farmed for some gentleman. That
was my ggf and gf profession in Galicia up to WWI. They apparently lived on
the farms and were responsible for everything >from the raising the crops and
cattle to selling the farm's products in nearby cities to the food
Brenda and Irwin Etter