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Schelly Dardashti <dardasht@...>

In my several years of communicating with Leonid in Mogilev concerning
the TALALAY and other topics, I do not remember having discussed the
MERLIN family of Mogilev and surroundings, particularly Zaverezhye and
Imagine my surprise when I saw Leonid's end-note in his recent Belarus
SIG message.
The MERLIN family figures prominently in our TALALAY research, having
married several times into the TALALAY. Many members of this very large
family came to America through Ellis Island.
There was a branch in Sullivan County (Monticello or Libery, forget
which) which owned a dry cleaning business. Every time my great
grandmother would go by the store she would say they were relatives from
the "old country." Some of the MERLIN girls >from Zaverezhye married into
the Springfield Massachusetts branches, some before and some after
And there is a large Ellis Island list of MERLIN >from Mogilev and
surroundings who arrived in the "new country," which I will share with

Best wishes,
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv

Leonid Plotkin

PLOTKIN >from MOGILEV and MINSK provinces(gubernias)
MERLIN >from MOGILEV province(gubernia)


Hello! My maiden name is Donna Merlin, I had never met my father. I recently, through DNA, found my family and found that they came from Belarus. I have discovered that they came through Ellis Island (I have photocopies of their manifests!) 
I s website and now realize the Merlin family was huge! Are you able to share any more news/history? 

searching for family,

D Merlin